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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between price per lineal meter and per square meter?
Most carpets are manufactured as 3.66meters wide(12 feet). This is why we price our carpets at so much per lineal meter. Some retailers will price per square meter as it looks cheaper – but it is not: example $100 per lineal meter is $27.32 per square meter.

How long before we can get our flooring laid?
If you have an urgent need tell our sales consultant and they will show you carpets that are physically in stock. These carpets could be laid within the week if required. Generally the wait is 2 to 3 weeks.

If I am building in 6 months’ time can I get a fixed price off you now?
Yes – This is a common practice. It enables you to take advantage of a special offer. On receipt of 50% deposit for the job we will guarantee the quoted price and hold the stock.

Please explain the difference between the different fibres.
The biggest selling fibre is Solution Dyed Nylon. The big advantages are : they will not fade, are soil resistant, and perform outstandingly well. Wool is very popular in textured carpets, and being a natural product they are very warm and sustainable. There are many other fibres on the market which all have their particular advantages and disadvantages.

Do I need an underlay?
There is nothing to say you must have an underlay. However good quality underlay will add a lot more luxury to your carpet, and is great for insulation.
We recommend Dunlop 11mm foam underlay.

I don’t have the measurements of the room/ house – do you measure?
Yes – this is a free no obligation service.

Can we take samples home ?
Yes you can take samples home.

What warranties do you offer?
All carpets sold from Floorpride are guaranteed. The warranties will vary from product to product so do not hesitate to ask the consultant.
Our installation service is also guaranteed.

What is the best product for wet areas such as bathroom/ laundry?
There is a wide range of products available from sheet vinyl to vinyl planks.

Can I use timber in the wet areas?
No – generally timber, whether engineered timber or solid timber will warp if subjected to a lot of moisture. There are exceptions, so if the timber look is something you want in these areas we can advise on the best selection.

What is the best floorcovering for commercial areas?
It is best to talk to our commercial experts for the best advice. Their recommendation will take Into account what sort of commercial use the area will be used for.